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Download Filetype: MP3 - Size: 7 MB - Duration: 3:08m (320 kbps 48000 Hz) - Release Date: 2022-06-01

There once was a time - you were just out of reach
Chickadee-dee-dee - Chickadee-dee-dee
Then you moved so close so our eyes could meet
My heart skipped a beat - Chickadee-dee-dee

We’ll have such a good time
I don't understand
Why fly off to the blue sky
When you should be eating from my hand

When I wake up in the mornin' I can hear your voice a callin'
Chickadee-dee-dee - Chickadee-dee-dee
Makes me rise and shine singing like a robin
Chickadee-dee-dee - Chickadee-dee-dee

I know you have your own life
But please understand
I'm as close as the crow flies
And I'm here when you want to land

My Sweetie Yeah
[Music Break]

We're having such a good time
Please Please understand
I am yours and you're mine
'Cause two in the bush can’t beat one in the hand

Now the summers are bright and living is easy
Chickadee-dee-dee - Chickadee-dee-dee
But the winters are cold and its warm here beside me
Stay with me Chickadee-dee-dee

My Sweetie Yeah | My Sweetie Yeah | My Sweetie Yeah | Chickadee-dee-dee

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